Audi A4 OEM Parts That Improve, Not Just Sustain, this Desirable Elite Luxury Car

The Audi A4 is the ideal balance between daring design, sleekness and the high-level of quality and sophistication typical of the Audi brand. The A4 has thrived for several generations of the brand, giving it a legacy-defining status in the sports luxury car market.


This longevity has also produced a perfected line-up of Audi A4 OEM parts that we have carefully selected for our catalogue. Choose from a variety of parts including axles, brakes, clutches, cooling systems, and more, covering the earliest 1996 model year, innovative generations such as the B7 (2004-2009), and the latest A4 models.

Use our Audi A4 OEM Parts to Maintain or Replace 

Our Audi A4 aftermarket parts don’t skimp on quality. Bosch everything, Lemfoerder suspension, NGK spark plugs, Wahler thermostats, and Bilstein shocks are only a few of the quality parts we carry. In fact, we exclusively choose to stock the top brands in the industry. Our enthusiasm and love for the uniqueness of European cars is evident in every part choice we make. We focus on sourcing Audi A4 replacement parts that truly are deserving of any installation, for maintenance or repair.

One Goal for All Audi A4 OEM Parts

At World Impex, we have one goal in mind: to provide the best Audi A4 OEM parts we possibly can. Audi is a legacy-defining vehicle and we believe that luxury sports cars are the ideal way to traverse life’s daily paths. We encourage diligent maintenance and modification for your luxury car with only the best.


Our excitement and passion for the market sets us apart. You will see that with our welcoming customer support. Give your Audi the parts that will continue to maintain its status as a king on the road.