Maintain Your Crossover Performance With World Impex’s Audi Q3 Quattro Parts

With a slick exterior, crossover design, a signature all-wheel drive, and the support of one of the leading luxury manufacturers in the world (Audi) the Q3 Quattro was poised to succeed.

The Q3 is the ideal crossover for those wanting fuel efficiency, control and power all in one. It wasn’t surprising when there was a high demand for this all-wheel drive Audi upon its 2014 release in North America (as the 2015 model year).

So far there have been two generations, with the first running from 2011-2018, (released in 2011 in Europe) and the second built on the MQB platform running from 2018-present. Updates in the second generation included larger dimensions, a sportier design, and digital controls.

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