Built to Last, a Look at Our Impressive Line-up of Audi R8 OEM Parts

When Audi launched their brand, it demanded your attention. The word itself means “listen.” And we have been listening ever since. Audi builds cars that are made to last, such as the impeccable R8, but sometimes even their best models need Audi R8 OEM parts for repairs or replacements.


The Audi R8 is possibly the cream-of-the-crop from their model lineup. Crafted to near perfection and launched to high acclaim, this luxury mid-engine sports car is a motorsports fan’s wildest dream. Unlike lofty and often absurdly-priced supercar alternatives, the Audi R8 is relatively practical yet incredible. It is a divine representation of the brand’s pinnacle, and you can keep your running like a dream with our top-tier Audi R8 aftermarket parts.

Numerous Possibilities Audi R8 OEM Parts

Shop for Audi R8 replacement parts for steering, exhaust, fuel delivery, engine parts, suspension, exterior and so much more. World Impex carries brands that Audi trusts like Bosch, Denso, Behr, Hella, and more! Find Audi R8 OEM parts that fit the deliberately slick and simple yet stunning R8 design. It took a long time for Audi to ready the R8 for a full-on assault of the luxury sports car industry. The model years we cover for the R8 include its early inception years of 2008 and 2009 up until today. It is bred through care and precision - two features that define our quality Audi R8 parts.

Shop Smart With Audi Aftermarket Parts

Sometimes Audi R8 OEM parts just aren’t enough or they may be priced too high. This is where top-of-the-line Audi R8 aftermarket parts come in. They make sure that when the natural passage of time takes its effect, the next best part is right around the corner and ready for an installation. We only work with the best aftermarket brands so your part has the longevity you expect. Find your R8 parts on this page or Contact Us now with any questions at all.