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Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

We have all received the wrong part before, whether it was because the part was in the wrong box, picked out incorrectly, or inaccurately chosen in the search for parts. Whenever a human is involved, there is room for error. Even manufacturers like Volkswagen get their own parts catalog wrong sometimes.

The best way to figure out the correct part for your vehicle is by using your VIN number as well as the vehicle manufacturer's parts catalog.

This greatly reduces the possibility of a wrong part. The problem here is that most people do not have access to a real parts catalog and they don't have experience using a VIN to identify the correct part. And, how do you take the manufacturer's part number and find a matching aftermarket part number?

Now, there are aftermarket VIN lookup catalogs out there that pose as a full VIN search. Trust us; they aren't as accurate as they need to be. We have tested most of them and they aren't up to the standard we wanted, so we moved on. On both sides of a VIN lookup, there were inaccuracies, from not deciphering the VIN correctly to the actual parts in the catalog being incorrect for the vehicle. Oh, the complicated life of a parts person!

Since most European car manufacturers do not want to publish their catalog online, we decided: Why not give the customer the ability to search for parts, pick what they want, and leave it up to World Impex to double-check using their VIN? We have the experience and knowledge to check your order against the VIN you provided to make sure you are getting the correct parts.

Simply add your vehicle to your garage, attach the VIN to that vehicle, and shop. We do the rest. Pick out the parts you need and once we receive your order, we will spend the time to double-check your selections using the VIN you provided. We have the manufacturers’ parts catalogs and the expertise to understand fun things like PR codes, VIN splits, different relationships between the aftermarket parts world and the OEM parts, etc. That is our job, so we won't excite you with all of the details!

Most importantly, and sometimes something you don't think of, is the question: “Where is my VIN number located?". The obvious answers are in the windshield and in the door jam on the driver's side. Both of those places are not very convenient when you’re at work figuring out Saturday wrenching projects, or on a Sunday with your feet up, putting together a list of repair parts to get the project car back on the road. Here are a few places to look: Vehicle's insurance card (sometimes in your wallet), registration card, recent service work, speeding ticket, or parking ticket that is lying around and probably needs to be paid anyway. Do not forget to check online with your insurance provider! Save those VINs to your World Impex account and you won’t need to look for them again.

Every time you go into your garage and select the vehicle you want to shop with, the parts you add to your cart will be tagged with the VIN. Shop for every vehicle in your fleet of European cars and the parts will associate back with each particular VIN.

Now, with so many different size rotors on the same Jetta, or considering the use of a different spec oil midway through the year, it can be hard to know what the right part is. Send us an email, fill out the parts request form, provide your VIN, and we can email you an estimate with the right parts (and good quality parts) that we would and have used on our own European rides.

Your Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, or Mercedes Benz, as you know, is picky and requires a little extra care and attention than other car manufacturers. Our vehicles don't work well with cheap copies and tend to cause more problems when used. If you need help picking out the right manufacturer for an aftermarket part, or just want someone to tell you what brake rotor and pad combo to go with, feel free to give us a call or send us a parts request. We will put together a list of parts for your repair with brands we know and trust!