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Why Do People Love European Automotives

4 Reasons People Love Buying European Cars


Cars manufactured in Europe are radically different, not only in price and size, but in fuel efficiency, emission standards, and safety. Undoubtedly, though, the biggest differentiating factor is performance. That solid feeling you get when driving European cars derives from years of research, extensive engineering, and stronger suspension components. Here are a few reasons why people love European automotives:

Better Quality:

The JD Power Initial Quality Survey report 2018 found that the Porsche 911 had the lowest overall issue level when compared to any other model launched this year. European cars are regularly named on this list, often beating Japanese and American cars. European car manufacturers often use better materials and better suspension systems for their vehicles.

Better Engineering:

When it comes to investing in engineering, European companies spend considerable time, money, and resources to make sure their cars are the best in the world. While to some degree this expense is passed on to consumers, it’s a win-win, because these cars last longer and have excellent resale value.

Better Brand Value:

It is common practice for American and Japanese companies to sell cars whose quality differ from model to model. This is almost unheard of in the European car market. Of course, European manufacturers do sell lower end cars, but such vehicles usually come under a different brand. European car makers care a lot about their brand value and image.

Better Car Parts:

European car parts are of the highest quality and are very reliable compared to other automotive brands. Unlike a few years ago, buying Euro parts is now easier and more cost-effective – thanks to World Impex.

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