Big Leaps with the 3 Series and World Impex BMW 323i Parts

BMW delivered with their acclaimed BMW 3 series. In 1990, the line was on the cusp of a substantial reinvention. BMW sought to add a new generation to the line-up, keeping the vehicle accessible while still retaining that seamless luxury buyers expect.

The E36 generation that the BMW 323i is based on was an award winner, being ranked in Car and Driver’s 10Best list every year it was available. You can keep this prized vehicle running smoothly with our list of premier BMW 323i parts.

The mid-range features and powerful 2.5 liter straight-6 DOHC M52 engine of the 323i became a big part of its appeal, and it stood for years as an important contributor to the famed 3 series, launching in 1995 and available in varying iterations since then, including a 2011 Luxury Edition.

Introducing the BMW 323i

While the 323i is only one iteration in the extensive BMW 3-series, it is one of the most outstanding. Boasting a 2.5 L 6-cylinder system with 168 horsepower (1995-1998 edition), the 323i remains one of the line’s most formidable and controllable vehicles in the series.

To retain that power and performance, you need the right BMW 323i aftermarket parts. Fortunately, World Impex has a vast line-up of parts and products to fulfill any needs, from simple installs to complex repairs.

Keeping Control and Power with BMW 323i Aftermarket Parts

Find new BMW 323i parts for consistent maintenance. Install new brakes, engine parts, and more to stay in top form. World Impex’s BMW 323i parts online solve any and all problems.

Regardless of what model you have within the massive 3 series, you will find our parts to be fully compatible. Enjoy the highest-quality BMW 323i aftermarket parts so your BMW stays on the road longer and rides as if you just bought it.

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