Finding BMW I8 OEM Parts for BMW’s Alluring Hybrid

The BMW i8 is the type of vehicle that many European auto enthusiasts dream about owning – a hybrid sportscar that showcases the latest innovative fuel efficiency technology, combined with a stunning, emotion-inspiring sport design. It’s a major step up from the already impressive i3 and showcases BMW’s commitment to sustainable tech and innovation.


BMW has luxury and quality embedded into its DNA, and the i8 features some extra charm, extra attention to detail, and some of the highest performance ratings for a mid-engine sports car. Anyone seeking BMW i8 OEM parts suitable of this flagship vehicle will get the premium quality this vehicle deserves at World Impex.

High Ratings, Modern Luxury

The BMW i8 is a special kind of ride. Its alluring exterior is just the very start. The i8 is part of the incredible “Project i” a series of hybrid BMWs created to shake up the industry. You need special, superior quality BMW i8 OEM parts to match this unique and one-of-a-kind vehicle, from its first model year of 2014 up to today.


Whether you are seeking BMW i8 aftermarket parts or OEM parts, we have you covered with some of the top brands in the industry. Our BMW i8 replacement parts make sure your ride can sustain its jaw-dropping performance rating. BMW states that the i8 can go from a dead-stop to 100 km/h in under 4.4 seconds – and your BMW will maintain that performance with the right parts.

Keep the Performance Up with BMW i8 Aftermarket Parts

It’s this kind of incredible prowess under the hood that attracted you to the i8. And now, it is time to make sure it gets the BMW i8 OEM parts it needs to thrive at this level. BMW has always been on the cusp of future innovation. Now, they prove their mettle with a car that is the future. Contact Our Staff now with any questions about our i8 parts or make your selection on this page!