Keep Your Car Running Smoothly With Our BMW M3 OEM Parts

When BMW launched the M3, their original intention was to deliver a practical model that can compete with the highest-quality motorsport vehicles out there.

BMW initially existed in an interesting middle-ground between luxury and performance, dominating in classiness, but not always delivering the fine-tuned speed craved by race car enthusiasts. The M3, which was first launched in 1985 and went through many generations, changed this narrative and offered both luxuriousness and outstanding racing performance.

Impressive BMW M3 OEM Parts

The M3 has been a race car through and through since its inception and demands the highest quality parts. Our BMW M3 OEM parts are suited for the most excited and eager BMW owners who want to equip their M3 with the best and maintain that impeccable stock quality. Brands like Denso, Bosch, GKN, Graf are exactly what you need. Installing our BMW M3 aftermarket parts can maintain or repair your handling and engine performance, aerodynamics, responsiveness and more.

The Experience of Shopping for BMW M3 Replacement Parts

We want to give you a fantastic shopping experience as you browse through our acclaimed inventory of BMW M3 OEM parts. It should be fun to maintain your M3 or other M-series model such as the popular M5. At World Impex, we are passionate about high-end motorsports, and we would hate to install anything less than the best. This is why we only stock the top brands in the world.


We know that M3 owners want the finest because they bought one of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the road. Our BMW M3 replacement parts sustain that staggering level of performance and exceptionality that your vehicle came with on day one, whether you own a 2001 to 2006 M3 (E36) or the classic initial production model from 1988 to 1991 (E30), or the latest M3. 3.


Keep the power, keep the speed, and take up another level. Your M3 deserves it. Ask us any questions or make your purchase right now for any M3 parts you need!