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The BMW M5 screams performance and is a groundbreaking model. Initially featuring a modified straight-six M1 engine, it broke the record for the fastest sedan in the world at the time. Later, it was replaced with even more powerful engines that set new performance standards.

A special V10 powertrain was designed for the E60 M5 that is highly revered for its unrivaled power and now-iconic design. BMW knocked it out of the park with multiple World Engine of the Year awards for this powertrain.

Recent iterations feature a powerful turbocharged V8 that maintains this reputation. No matter which year you own, the BMW M5 is a powerhouse performer, and its rarity on the road has helped it settle firmly into a world-class status.

This remarkable high performance version of the 5-series debuted over three decades ago and underwent several generations of improvements:

       First BMW 5-Series Generation: E12 (1972-1981)

       Second BMW 5-Series Generation: E28 (1981-1988)

       Third BMW 5-Series Generation: E34 (1988-1996)

       Fourth BMW 5-Series Generation: E39 (1995-2003)

       Fifth BMW 5-Series Generation: E60 (2003-2010)

       Sixth BMW 5-Series Generation: F10 (2010-2016)

       Seventh BMW 5-Series Generation: G30 (2017-present)

Redefining Performance

The M5 derived from some eager experimenters testing the limits of the M1 engine. With its capabilities stressed beyond measure, BMW eventually turned the M5 into the fastest production sedan of the time.

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