Bold Designs and Bolder Options, World Impex OEM BMW X4

Did BMW accomplish making the perfect compact luxury vehicle with the X4? Many owners strongly believe so. While the X3 set a new high standard, the X4 perfected it with formidable new features, a turbocharged 6-cylinder engine, and an eternally sleek design.

The famous X series from BMW has become further refined the new benchmark of quality already defined by the X4. Available since 2014, the X4 is a sleek, powerful, and athletic luxury compact SUV. It is another one of BMW’s “sports activity coupe” models that combines the benefits of an SUV with the aggressive stance of a coupe.

The first generation (F26) ran from 2014-2018, while the second (G02) has run from 2018-present, first being unveiled in 2017. Find OEM BMW X4 parts for these generations easily at World Impex.

Built to Last

While the X4 boasts that precise BMW engineering, it still can’t last forever. This is where World Impex comes in. Regardless of when you purchased your ride, you can keep it in peak condition. The World Impex catalog offers a rich inventory of BMW X4 parts online.

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