The Dazzling BMW Roadster Needs Superior BMW Z3 Parts

In 1991, Burkhard Göschel and Joji Nagashima were hired to help develop a radical new vehicle in the BMW line-up, an efficient and powerful 2-door roadster for launch in the next few years.

Their work resulted in two body style variations, a 2-door roadster and a 2-door coupe with a powerful four-cylinder or straight six cylinder engine, and both have created an innovative and fascinating new car for BMW’s extensive repertoire.

Produced in one generation from 1995-2002 with a few facelifts, this short running yet classic BMW series is popular among enthusiasts, was featured in classic films like James Bond: GoldenEye, and can be kept in top form with BMW Z3 parts.

A Desirable Roadster and Coupe 

The BMW Z3 was birthed from the mind of a genius. Instead of delivering just a roadster, Nagashima crafted a two-door coupe to go along with it. The Z3 dazzled enthusiasts in the mid-90’s until it officially ended production in 2002.

This award-winning model was one of the most desirable convertibles in the world at one point. Current owners know they have something special- and they need the best BMW Z3 parts to keep it going.

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