The Best Porsche 914 Parts Money Can Buy

Is the Porsche 914 the perfect classic roadster? Over the course of many prototypes, adjustments, and performance boosts, Porsche firmly settled on the Porsche 914 in 1970 and produced it until 1976. The result is a classic car that embodies Porsche’s willingness to experiment.

The Porsche 914 was a slow burn. Meager sales and new consumer-popular variants initially turned the 914 into a novelty. Fast-forward decades later, and Porsche 914 parts remain in high demand with many owners of this classic car throughout the world.


We stock a versatile assortment of desirable Porsche 914 OEM parts that keep your roadster where it belongs - on the road. You can find compatible aftermarket parts and replacements to keep your 914 in top working order at World Impex.

Maintain Top-Performance with Our Porsche 914 Parts

Many owners struggle with keeping their classic Porsche practical on the road. Our Porsche 914 parts help make sure it can handle the road. Our parts do more than just keep the original quality for this model, they bring this classic car into the modern era. We want to make sure your 914 is staying on top of wear-and-tear and coming back stronger than ever with top of the line, compatible replacement parts.

A Collector’s Dream Car

The Porsche 914 causes everyone to turn-heads, not just die-hard enthusiasts. It’s a collector’s dream car and our Porsche 914 parts are suitable for all owners.


We know you went out of your way to pursue this model, and that nothing less than the best will suffice for any parts you need. Find Porsche 914 auto parts that get your prized ride back up and running again, so you can exit the garage, cruise the streets and impress everyone. For 914 owners, there is no other way to do it.