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With a reputation as the “people’s car” (the English translation of the German automaker’s name) the Volkswagen line of vehicles always surpasses expectations. Choosing World Impex for your Volkswagen parts online will ensure that your vehicle continues to impress and beat expectations.


From the long-standing Jetta to the newer SUV Touareg, VW’s range of models offer quality, practical vehicles best suited for daily life. VWs are every minimalist’s favorite vehicle, offering clean, simple designs, and outstanding performance and durability.


While VWs are known for their durable parts, they’ll likely need a replacement or two in their lifetime – they tend to have a long one! Whether you plan to invest in genuine OEM parts or save on aftermarket parts, you can find all of these Volkswagen parts online with us.

Quality Volkswagen OEM Parts Without the Price Tag

While original equipment parts tend to be pricier than their aftermarket counterparts, we do our best to offer low prices without sacrificing equipment quality. We stock top manufacturers, both domestic and international, to bring you the compatible parts you want at prices that suit all budgets.


When you order Volkswagen parts online from our catalogue, you know you’re getting the real deal: authentic, VW-tailored products that offer the same performance and durability as the original equipment.

Browse a Wide Selection of Volkswagen Parts Online

We know that choice is important, and that’s why we encourage you to browse, compare product value, and choose the right product for you and your vehicle. For some, that might mean opting for Volkswagen aftermarket parts, which are sometimes less costly than OEM parts or offer a greater variety of potential brands.


We have a number of excellent aftermarket manufacturers available on our website, giving you the chance to narrow down your options by supplier, type of part, and cost before making a purchase.


Start shopping for Volkswagen parts online by selecting your vehicle model on this page. We’ll show you the list of available parts for your car – and you can take it from there!