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The Volkswagen beetle is more than a novelty. This cherished and iconic economy car has stood the test of time against obstacles and consumer perceptions.

The Bug’s original generational design lasted for many years before an update in 1998. It has resulted in a multitude of spin-offs, upgraded models, and variations that have all cultivated a strong cult following.

The “people’s car” was created with the concept of a functional, reasonably priced, and simple car that could be mass produced easily. To keep your Beetle in top form, you need well-engineered VW Beetle parts, which can be found at World Impex.

Produced since 1938, the Volkswagen Beetle has seen just three generations:

·         First Generation: 1938-2003

·         Second Generation: 1998-2011

·         Third Generation (A5): 2011-present

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No matter what iteration of the Beetle you have, you require top-quality parts for any repairs. Explore a vast array of VW Beetle parts at World Impex. Find VW bug parts that fit all possible repair situations. If another issue occurs in the future, you have your go-to source bookmarked and ready to go. World Impex has an impressive line-up of VW Super Beetle parts that honor the long and well-defined legacy of the Beetle and all its variations.

Premium Parts and Nothing Less

The Beetle doesn’t scream performance nor is it going to beat many turbocharged Volkswagen models off the road despite any new VW Beetle parts you might install. But with its durability and design, matched with its wonderful legacy in the economy car marketplace, the Beetle has earned its place in the hall of fame.

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