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Consider World Impex your go-to for VW Cabrio parts—both OEM and aftermarket replacement parts. This car, though production is no longer, has seen resurgence in popularity due to its simplicity, comfort, and proven durability.

Introduced in 1979 as the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet, the VW Cabrio was sold from 1980 as a convertible version of the Volkswagen Golf until 1993. This convertible advertised a reinforced body compared to the Golf, and its convertible top was vinyl and manually operated until 1991.

The VW Golf Cabriolet’s Short but Impressive Run

In the US, the VW Cabrio was sold as the Rabbit Convertible until it was referred to as the Euro-friendly Cabriolet. So, this car has been known as the Golf Cabriolet, Cabriolet, Rabbit Convertible, Golf cabrio, and Rabbit cabrio throughout its history.

Although it wasn’t produced for nearly as many years as the Golf, the Golf Cabriolet has proven to be just as durable and reliable. It is not simply a Golf hatchback without the roof—the VW Cabrio was built entirely at the Karmann factory, with the engine, interior, etc. supplied entirely by Volkswagen.

When it comes to VW Cabrio OEM parts, each Cabrio produced after 1988 featured smoother bumpers, side skirts, and wheel-arch extensions. Aside from eventually getting a larger fuel tank, the VW Cabrio’s body parts didn’t change at all throughout its entire production.

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