Have a Good Time with your Golf R After Newly Refreshing it with VW Golf R Parts

Volkswagen knew they struck gold when they launched the Volkswagen Beetle at the dawn of World War II. The small car-that-could turned from a novelty into a highly sought after economy car for the regular family.

But they needed more to meet the demands of the market. Consumers wanted something that had a bit of a kick. After the launch of the GTI and other variations such as the R32 in 2003, Volkswagen released the Golf R in 2009 featuring a turbocharged engine.

Now in its second generation (MK7), starting with the 2015 Golf R model, it features a cranked up engine, lighter chassis and even more speed.

Introducing the Golf R to an Eager Market

The Golf R packs a serious punch. New VW Golf R parts keep the larger intercooler and injection system ready for anything. Boasting a zero to 60 time of 4.9 seconds for the MK7 generation, the Golf R buzzes admirably down the road.

You can keep that performance going. Our top-quality World Impex VW Golf R parts sustain that high-performance owners expect from their improved economy ride.

Part of the Family

Our hand-selected VW Golf R parts maintain your vehicle and provide it with the premier performance you have come to expect from it.

Rely on our MK7 Golf R OEM parts and impressive VW Golf R aftermarket parts to continue impressing everyone with one of the main members of the Volkswagen family.