Premium VW Golf Parts For an Impressive Compact Vehicle

The Volkswagen Golf is a famous compact car known for its impressive fuel economy and quality across seven generations. This small competitor has always been a surprisingly tough and determined vehicle. Below is a quick overview of the generations of the Golf, many of which we offer VW golf parts for:

·         First Generation: MK1/A1 (1974-1983)

·         Second Generation: MK2/A2 (1983-1991)

·         Third Generation: MK3/A3 (1991-1999)

·         Fourth Generation: MK4/A4 (1997-2003)

·         Fifth Generation: MK5/A5 (2003-2008)

·         Sixth Generation: MK6/A6 (2008-2012)

·         Seventh Generation: MK7/MQB (2012-present)

The Little Car That Could

The Volkswagen Golf is a wonderful little ride no matter which generation you  own. World Impex offers premier VW Golf parts to keep yours in top shape. The Volkswagen Golf is nothing to laugh at. It has earned a spot on Car and Driver’s annual top 10 list multiple times over, and has proved itself as a vehicle that can stand the test of time. When the VW R32 was introduced in 2004 to the U.S. market, it competed with the Subaru WRX STi and the Mitsubishi EVO. Our VW Golf parts offer a premium-quality that elevate your car and provide it with the best possible foundation to long-term vitality.

Add Some Character with Volkswagen Golf Parts and Accessories

With our Volkswagen golf parts and accessories, you can maintain your vehicle to its top capabilities. Keep it running flawlessly just like the day you bought it. Volkswagen believes in this compact sedan and has continued to improve it, offering innumerable accessories, features, different variants, and multiple generations of refinement. 

Our full array of Volkswagen golf parts and accessories make it convenient for you to find exactly what you need. Don’t miss out on our top-tier VW golf parts. Order online today to save big and get your Golf back in shape.