Highest Quality VW GTI Parts on the Market

Volkswagen steadily delivers top engineering and superior performance, and we are right there with them. The Volkswagen GTI is a fun to drive, powerhouse of a hatchback made on the popular Golf platform with a fuel injected engine for maximum performance.

Designed with modern features and available from Volkswagen in varying years since 1976, the GTI has impressed fans since the beginning. Its responsiveness and reliability on the road are hardly rivaled in its price range, with exceptional performance, sport suspension and remarkable control.

Below is an overview of the generations of the Volkswagen Golf – many of them had a GTI version. We offer VW GTI parts for the first generation (MK1/A1) and onward, starting in the year 2006.

·           First Generation: MK1/A1 (1974-1983)

·           Second Generation: MK2/A2 (1983-1991)

·           Third Generation: MK3/A3 (1991-1999)

·           Fourth Generation: MK4/A4 (1999-2003)

·           Fifth Generation: MK5/A5 (2003-2008)

·           Sixth Generation: MK6/A6 (2008-2012)

·           Seventh Generation: MK7/MQB (2012-present)

Our VW GTI parts exemplify quality to keep your GTI running as smoothly as the day you bought it. We select from the top manufacturers in the industry, and we provide our parts with passion and excitement for the Volkswagen brand.

Built for Performance

Volkswagen demands nothing but the best. This is why we only work with the best parts suppliers. Our Volkswagen GTI parts are engineered with considerations toward maintaining this model’s speed and responsiveness. Our VW GTI parts feature a reliable and durable construction you can count on.

Premium Volkswagen GTI Parts Online

Reach out to us at World Impex. Find replacement parts for top European vehicles like the Volkswagen GTI. Attain top-level control and take on any road challenge. The GTI is a surprisingly formidable ride, but it needs the appropriate VW GTI parts to stay at the top of its game. Contact us today for fast shipping on a wide assortment of GTI parts or place your order online.