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The first version was released in 1979 at the Frankfurt Auto Show and it has undergone many generation updates since then, with dramatic improvements in safety, fuel economy for the 4-cylinder engine, add-ons and features.

TheVolkswagen Jetta is America’s leading reliable and tough car for the long daily drives to and from work or travel. It’s a staggering display of engineering from one of the leading European manufacturers.

The seven generations of the Jetta are outlined below:

·         First Generation: MK1/AK1 (1980-1984)

·         Second Generation: MK2/AK2 (1984-1992)

·         Third Generation: MK3/AK3 (1992-1999)

·         Fourth Generation: MK4/AK4 (1999-2005)

·         Fifth Generation: MK5/AK5 (2006-2011)

·         Sixth Generation: MK6/AK6 (2011-2018)

·         Seventh Generation: MK7/AK7 (2019-present)

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