The Pinnacle of Design: VW R32 OEM Parts to Last

The Volkswagen R32 based on the Golf platform was never meant to catch fire in the way that it did. It was launched to capitalize on the niche demand for a dual-clutch gearbox exclusively in Europe in 2003.

The added boost in power and the unexpected popularity helped bring the R32 stateside. Now, this model is sometimes considered the pinnacle of Volkswagen Golf design. Our top quality VW R32 OEM parts are available to keep the legacy going, whether you own the 2004 or 2008 R32.

Packed with Features and Performance

The R32 is a distillation of everything that Volkswagen tried to accomplish with their Golf line-up. It featured virtually every safety upgrade to date. A four valves per cylinder VR6 engine made it a formidable and unexpected powerhouse.

Various features, such as an independent rear suspension, 4motion drive system, and more, have helped form one of Volkswagen’s greatest economical achievements.

The only downside to these productive and appealing features is that owners occasionally need VW R32 OEM parts to maintain them. R32 owners need more than a simple bi-annual VW R32 oil change. They need a source they can trust.

A source for all VW R32 Aftermarket Parts

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