Get Back on the Road Again With Our Premium VW Rabbit Parts

Volkswagen released the Golf in 1974, but it came to the United States as the Rabbit in 1975. It was a hit from the very beginning and offered the quality of German construction along with excellent cabin space.

The Rabbit name was replaced by the Golf in 1985. Two decades later, the Rabbit was briefly reintroduced in the United States for a three-year period, with an inline-five engine rather than a 4-cylinder, some upgraded unique features, and the classic reliable construction it was initially known for.

Affordable VW Rabbit parts

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The Golf and Rabbit

This rascally vehicle had a brief yet fun run in the United States. The Volkswagen Rabbit car is almost indistinguishable from the Volkswagen Golf aside from the name and a few unique features that were introduced in this market.

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