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Whether you are a Volkswagen enthusiast or not, you can appreciate the broad crossover appeal and reliability of the Tiguan. Volkswagen knocks it out of the park with this innovative compact SUV option, and we provide you with the best VW Tiguan accessories and parts whenever you need them. 

The first generation of the Tiguan ran from 2009-2017, while the relatively new second generation has been produced from 2017 to today, with some upgrades like a longer wheelbase and larger dimensions.

From Concept to Reality

In 2009, the Tiguan launched on the Volkswagen Golf platform amidst fierce competition in its segment. The concept was not universally beloved right away. But, by 2011, the Tiguan gained momentum and morphed to a serious and authentic compact crossover car.

Now, with hundreds of thousands of units sold and a broad base of enthusiasts, the Tiguan is widely supported, and we offer premium VW Tiguan accessories and parts to keep yours running seamlessly.

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