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The Volkswagen Touareg was launched in 2002 as a joint venture between PorscheAudi and Volkswagen. As a strong competitor compared to some of the other popular crossover luxury vehicles from Porsche and Audi, the Touareg has stood out for its combination of practicality and features.

Touareg owners realize this unique crossover’s potential, and continue to do so, keeping the Touareg thriving in a competitive marketplace since the first generation was launched. The first generation ran from 2004 to 2010, while the second generation ran from 2010-2018 in North America.

The third generation is the latest, from 2019 to present, and features a more fuel efficient, lighter design. However, it was discontinued in the United States and replaced by the Atlas after 2017.

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The vehicle has undergone an array of facelifts in its nearly 20-year history. Racing upgrades, new engines, limited editions, and more have all cycled through this cult smash vehicle. Our VW Touareg accessories and parts are suited for any variation of this popular crossover. Get some of the best Touareg aftermarket parts money can buy to ensure the reliability of your vehicle.

Reliable Parts for Your Touareg

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Don’t let your ride fall to the wayside. The vehicle is bold, giving a display of power on the road unheard of from many other crossovers. In some ways, no two Touaregs are alike. Keep yours unique and alive with our VW Touareg OEM parts. Place your order online today.